Château Fleur de Lisse

Château Fleur de Lisse

About Château Fleur de Lisse

Located in the commune and area of St. Emilion, Château Fleur de Lisse is one of the oldest and most significant wineries in the Bordeaux region of France. The wine estate possessed some of the most expansive vineyards in the early 20th century. Initially, Château Fleur de Lisse remained under the ownership of the Minvielle family from 1940 to 2015. They made the winery prosper significantly by using innovative and beneficial techniques in the fields and the cellars. In addition, they implemented modern practices in the winemaking process and business. 

In 2015, the Teycheney family took over Château Fleur de Lisse. The household had existing knowledge and idea of winemaking as they already owned and managed Château La Loubière. Thus, they could aid in the winery’s prosperity even more through their passion, determination, and hard work. The Teycheney family has a particular interest and awareness in biodynamic viticulture and vinification processes. They implemented their pursuit in the fields of Château Fleur de Lisse. The wine estate’s vineyards now expand over 8.66 hectares and remain midway through their biodynamic, sustainable, and organic certification process. 

The average age of Château Fleur de Lisse’s vines is 45 years. The soil of the winery’s vineyards is of a calcareous slit type with a rocky outcrop. It enables the grapevines’ roots to penetrate deep into the ground. It, in turn, allows the plants to access more nutrients and water. Thus, the wines made from such vines retain and deliver excellent acidity and freshness. 

Château Fleur de Lisse does not compromise on the elegance and purity of its vines, harvested grapes, and produced wines in any way. Thus, all fruits get harvested by hand, while the sorting process ensues after and before destemming. In addition, the fermentation gets executed in concrete vats having temperature control abilities.

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