Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour

Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour

About Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour

Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour, established in 1992, is a winery located in the appellation of Saint-Estèphe in Bordeaux city in France. The wine estate remains noted under the ownership of the Rouzaud family currently after getting purchased by the proprietor of the reputed Roederer Champagne House, Jean Claude Rouzaud. 

The establishment of Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour began when the Rouzaud family commenced their venture into the plots and lands of the Bordeaux region. Initially, Jean Claude Rouzaud purchased two small lands from the Brossard family named Chateau Beausejour and Chateau Picard. Each estate had the 1932 Cru Bourgeois classification. Later, the terroirs got fused with a small area sold off, leaving what we know as Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour. The sale allowed the winery to make several considerable and significant improvements to its existing system and resources. For instance, it permitted the development of better wine-making facilities and cellars. Thus, although the winery started on a small scale, it is now highly acclaimed owing to the superior wines it produces and distributes.

Now, Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour has vineyards and lands that expand over 10 hectares. The region's soil is of a clay and gravel type, having little limestone. Hence, it is suitable to nurture grape plants to their best qualities. Thus, it allows high-quality grapes to get harvested, permitting the creation of top-class wines. 

Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour adopts a natural approach to their wine-making methods. It employs various processes, such as green harvesting and manual sorting, to reduce and eliminate human interference within the vineyards. It, in turn, allows the harvested grapes and developed wines to attain and offer a natural feel and flavour to the buyers and consumers. Cháteau Haut-Beauséjour offers visitors and interested individuals an opportunity to taste their products so that they may determine for themselves the value and traits of the drinks before purchase.

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