Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille

Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille

About Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille

Classified and distinguished as a Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille is a reputed wine estate in the Bordeaux region and city in France. The winery lies near Cheval Blanc and Chateau Petrus on Pomerol’s borders. Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille has remained under the ownership of the same family since 1879. The current owner of the winery is Anne Carole Angle. However, Jean-Philippe Fort is responsible for the winemaking tasks and duties. 

Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille derives its name from “Chantecaille,” near which it lies. The winery possesses exceptional terroirs that spread and expand over 8.78 hectares. The soil of the region comprises old sands and light gravel. Additionally, the land has a layer containing an iron pan with subsoil made primarily of clay. Such a soil attribute allows for excellent and outstanding growth of the planted grapevines. Generally, Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille deals with and sows two specific grapevines. It encompasses Cabernet France and Merlot. The latter gets used in bulk, almost 80%, compared to the former, which takes up solely 20% of the winery’s vineyards. Irrespective of the grapevine category, the plants have an average age or longevity of approximately 25 years. 

Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille strives not to destroy the natural qualities and attributes of the land. Thus, the winery’s employees harvest by hand from selected plots only. The selection gets done after checking the ripeness of the fruits and deeming them fit for picking. Generally, the fermentation process extends over four weeks. It gets done in concrete vats having temperature control features. It allows Chateau La Croix-Chantecaille to produce fresh, full-bodied, and elegant wines with a perfect balance between acidity and woody tannin levels. It, in turn, enables the drinks to pair and go well with most cuisine and dishes. It stands true for both sweet and savoury foods.

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