Chateau La Croix Ferrandat

Chateau La Croix Ferrandat

About Chateau La Croix Ferrandat

Union de Saint Emilion owns Chateau la Croix Ferrandat. This is one of the largest producers in the area and has a great portfolio of growers and producers who work with UDPSE very closely to create wines that are aimed at the UK market. The price of the wines made is quite affordable when quality is considered. Right bank claret is greatly sought by wine lovers making it a default choice for many. The marketability of the wines makes them a good choice for business, 

Saint Emilion cooperative makes Chateau la Croix Ferrandat. This Bordeaux is the oldest and is admired because of its high value and quality. Normally, it blends 3 percent franc, Sauvignon and 65 per cent Merlot. These are sourced from different vineyards close to saint Emilion town. Ageing is done in oak barrels, ensuring the blackberry and plummy flavours stand out. The soft tannins work well for structure and give the wine a smooth finish. Union de saint Emilion is one of the best cooperative wine producers. They are based southwest of the town of saint Emilion at the very foot of the plateau Saint Emilion. It is close to chapeaux Quintus and Fonplegade. The most dominant range at the winery is red wines, which are based on Merlot, a regional mainstay. Cabernet Franc is also used. The grapes are sourced from 750 hectares of land in saint Emilion grand cru and saint Emilion vineyards that are part of the cooperative. 

The company was established in 1931. This was a period where there was economic depression worldwide. The reason for its establishment was Robert Villepigue, who was a local figure in winemaking. This man managed Chateau Figeac from 1905 to 1928. later, he became the owner of Chateau cadet Piola. When the cooperative was starting, it had only 6 estates as members. Presently, 170 estates have joined. This cooperative handles about 12 percent of wine production in Saint Emilion. The cooperative has invested heavily in creating the best cellars and vats for high-quality wine production. The gravity flow cellar with 141 vats made of stainless steel happens to be the largest of its kind in Europe. The union also has the best optical equipment for sorting, large presses, and 5000 barrels in the cellar. Annually, the company can make up to 4.6 million bottles.

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