Chateau Le Crock

Chateau Le Crock

About Chateau Le Crock

The Merman family built Chateau Le Crock in the 19th century. The building has a unique architecture in Medoc. The Cuvelier family had been engaging in wine negotiations since 1804, and they got to the Bordeaux vineyard when they acquired chateau Le crock in the year 1903. In 1920, the family bought Moulin Riche and Chateaux Leoville Poyferre. 

Max Cuvelier moved and created another trading house in Bordeaux in 1947. The house was named H Cuvelier and Fils. Didier, his first son, handled the daily property management in 1978. He handled the field destinies for forty years and ensured that the same precision research and care was done in the wine production in Saint Estephe and Saint Julien. Didier's cousin Sara Lecompte Cuvelier took up the estate in 2018 and further led the estate to great excellence. 

Chateau Le Crock is made of 32 ha of vineyards that are cared for on exceptional terroir composed of clay sand and gravel. These typicalities are beneficial because they can drain soils, keep the heat, and offer a natural water reserve. The vineyard spans three very distinct settlement areas. There is exceptional aromatic diversity and richness. The fact that the Gironde is in close proximity acts as the thermal regulator, which means the excess temperature is avoided. 

The grape varieties found here include Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Medoc, which express the Saint Estephe terroir originality. This is done under Jonathan Servant's guidance. He is an enthusiast and holds a degree in oenology and ecology. The vineyard is conducted in an Eco-friendly manner. 

When the grapes reach maturity, tests are done by the oenologist and head of culture. Michael Rolland, who is the consultant, is also involved. Manual harvest is done for two weeks in late September. Sixty harvesters are employed at this time and handle the harvest one plot at a time. Individual crates are used during the harvest. After this, the clusters are taken to the sorting table, where the staff manually make the selection. When separated, the berries are taken to the Cuvier. All processes are handled carefully for the best outcome. 

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