Château Le Gay

Château Le Gay

About Château Le Gay

The story and journey of Château Le Gay are extensive, beginning as early as 1845. The winery remains intricately linked and associated with the French AOC and wine-growing commune, Pomerol. In the early stages of its establishment, the wine estate operated as Domaine du Gay. The wine label and brand name we know today came about later with the winery’s growth.

Château Le Gay derives its name from the region, Le Gay. The winery has a rich history due to getting proprietorship under different and diverse owners. For instance, the wine estate remained under the ownership and management of the Robin family sometime after the end of the First World War. It got passed down to the reputed Robin sisters, the owners of Chateau Lafleur, in 1946. Marie and Therese Robin ran and operated Château Le Gay for almost six decades. Under their guidance and supervision, the winery saw significant growth and development, allowing it to become one of the most well-known names in France.

In 2002, Catherine Pere-Verge acquired Château Le Gay. One of the first changes she implemented included increasing the size and extent of the vineyards. It led to the plantation of grapevines in the 3.4 hectares that previously remained unused. Following that, the winery saw many other renovations and improvements. It consisted of tanks or vats with temperature regulation features and micro-vinification facilities.

Today, Château Le Gay owns and manages 10.5 hectares of land dedicated to planting, harvesting, and cultivating vineyards. The plots remain divided between Merlot and Cabernet Franc, with the former getting almost 90% of the parcels. The winery’s terroirs have gravel and clay soil that promote vine development and growth. Furthermore, Château Le Gay implements a sustainable approach to its farming and viticultural techniques, preserving the natural qualities of the soil and grapevines.

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