Chateau Le Pey

Chateau Le Pey

About Chateau Le Pey

Chateau Le Pey is a renowned winery located at a location just north of the appellation of St-Estèphe in the northern part of the Médoc subregion in France. The estate belongs to the Compagnet family. It is one of the oldest properties owned by the family. In 2003, a cru bourgeois classified Chateau Le Pey as a member or affiliate of the Cru Bourgeois Alliance. 

Chateau Le Pey has approximately 49 hectares of land. They get used as vineyards by the winery. In addition, the soil of the parcels is of a limestone and clay type. The average age of all the grapevines planted in the vineyards owned by Chateau Le Pey come up to be 20 years of age. Overall, the winery gets composed of about 45% and approximately 55% Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Chateau Le Pey enjoys the exceptional qualities of the wine region of Bordeaux. It allows the matured grapes to attain a deep and rich berry flavour. It makes the wines produced by the winery have a unique taste and mouthfeel. In addition, the drinks deliver a desirable level of spicy structure and smooth texture. 

In recent times, the operations and management of Chateau Le Pey get handled by Françoise et Claude. His two children, Pierre and Oliver, also help him in his endeavour. The three supervise the cultivation, commercialization, and vinification processes of the winery. They implement and incorporate various methods and practices that ensure the highest-quality production of their wines. 

The wines that Chateau Le Pey develops spend 12 months in the cellars in oak barrels. 25% among them consist of freshly-prepared drinks. It permits the firm tannins of the wines to contrast with the slight yet attractive acidic flavour and nature. It creates a perfect balance between the spicy and sweet qualities of the drinks.

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