Chateau Léoube

Chateau Léoube

About Chateau Léoube

Léoube wine estate started in Provence on the land that is around a million years old. This is the cradle of Roman and Greek cultures, and it has the oldest vines in France. It extends for more than 560 hectares, and here there are 70 hectares covered in vines, while olive groves cover 25 hectares. This natural site is devoted to sustainable and responsible agriculture aiming at producing wine and olive oil. 

In chateau Léoube, France, the Bamford family is responsible for the development of an organic wine called Romain Ott. This is one of the tastiest wines in the area. The Léoube wine estate lies in the coastal range that is at the heart of the cap Benat in var. Here, singular vintages are produced combined with great vintages that have an authenticity that depicts the area. 

Antony and Carole Bamford moved to Léoube in 1997 after they had turned their farm to organic principles. On their arrival in Léoube, they started converting the olive grove and the vineyard to be organic. With the guidance of jean Jacques Ott, they successfully completed the conversion. Jean's son Romain joined the Bamfords to help with winemaking at chateau Léoube. Here new technology was blended with traditional techniques to produce balanced and elegant wines that reflect expertise. 

Previously, rose wine had been produced in Léoube, but in small quantities. This is a tradition that the Bamfords carried on with working with the terroir and historic chateau. This was also their chance to create new wines with outstanding quality. 

Chateau Léoube concentrates on working with the seasonal rhythm to protect and preserve the land. This is also the best approach to produce the best wines harmoniously with natural cycles. The Bamfords found the soil in Provence very fascinating. In the past, the sea beds were in the estate land, which meant saturation with minerals. The distinct flavours enjoyed today are a result of the soil and the sea hint that naturally infuses the vines. 

Chateau Léoube is recognised worldwide and is sold in more than 30 countries.

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