Chateau Lestage-Simon

Chateau Lestage-Simon

About Chateau Lestage-Simon

Located in the appellation of Haut-Medoc, Chateau Lestage-Simon is one of the most reputed wineries in the Saint Seurin-de-Cadourne commune in the region of Bordeaux in France. The wine estate can get considered an eminent embodiment and incarnation of a Cru Bourgeois. 

Chateau Lestage-Simon enjoys the benefits of outstanding and superior terroir that ordinarily come with the Bordeaux region. It allows the winery to profit when considering its wine production, sale, and distribution. The plots or vineyards enable the wine estate’s products to acquire and deliver a distinctive and complex flavour. It can primarily get owed to the diverse soil varieties in the region and the different benefits they can impart to the grapevines. For instance, some of the grapes get planted in limestone soils. On the other hand, the others may get their nutrients from clay-limestone or sandy soils. Irrespective of the location and origin of the grapevines, Chateau Lestage-Simon can bring out superior and excellent acidity, richness, balance, and textural properties in its wines. 

Chateau Lestage-Simon uses several varieties and kinds of grape plants to produce its wines. It allows the winery to acquire diverse tastes, aromas, and flavours. It, in turn, enables the Chateau to target a broad customer base, facilitating people to satisfy their unique and personal tastes. Nevertheless, all the wines marketed by Chateau Lestage-Simon have one thing in common. They all have intense aromas, colours, and flavours. On top of that, they are easy to drink and leave a refreshing feel in the mouth.  

Chateau Lestage-Simon usually goes for a natural way to harvest their grapevines and produce their wines. In other words, they strive to interfere as little as possible during the vinification and viticulture processes. For that reason, the winery generally ages its wines in oak barrels to develop their characteristic flavours.

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