Chateau Los Boldos

Chateau Los Boldos

About Chateau Los Boldos

Chateau los Boldos is a winery that is family owned. It is located in the Cachapoal Andes valley Chile where there are some exceptional soils. The first vineyard dates to 1948. This was planted in Santa Amalia town that is in Requinoa within the Vlth region. 

The vineyards planted here are very unique, from them, some of the highest quality grapes are harvested. This is a very important aspect of any successful winery. 

It is not until 1991 that chateau los Boldos was created to produce high-end wines. The company thrived because of the use of the French traditional techniques of winemaking and the Cachapoal Andes Valley that has an extraordinary terroir. This resulted in premium wines. The French vinification processes paid off with great results. 

In 2008, the company was acquired by Sogrape group. This is a Portuguese family company that is quite important, and it has a production process as well as distribution of their products in all continents in the world. The production presence of the Portuguese company covers New Zealand, Spain, and Argentina. To enhance the quality of the wines they produced, the company set up investment and reform programs on the different vineyards, the bottling line, and the winery. 

In 2013, new vinification rooms were constructed and were finalised. There was also a new cellar for barrels created at the site. Chateau los Boldos embraces responsible development. This is how they can commit to sustainable growth for the environment and the community around. The company has been certified as sustainable and recognised for preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity. 

In 2016, the vineyards belonging to the company had already reached maximum potential because of plants that have a natural balance. This is how the company obtains a high complexity and quality of wines. This is something that helped the company launch the new wines image. 

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