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Château Macquin

About Château Macquin

The famous Saint-Émilion's chateau Pavie-Macvin is located in the Appellation Bordeaux. The winery has achieved the Premier Grand Cru Classe B classification, which demonstrates a high level of tradition and quality. Château Pavie-Macquin has a rich history that extends back to the 19th Century.

It was also located on the former property of a notable Bordelaise negotiant of the time – Fernand Bouffard. Later it was acquired by Albert Macquin, who also owned the nearby Château La Serre. Albert Macquin is regarded as one of the first defenders against the ravages of phylloxera. These activities proved vital since they resulted in the grafting of vines onto American rootstocks, which is paramount in viticulture

Dedicated winemaker Albert Macquin turned Châtel Pavie-Macquin into the world's most significant vineyard. He has been instrumental in changing the vineyards of Saint-Émilion for over 30 years, which makes him the best visionary out there.

Chateau Pavie-Macquin was upgraded in 2006 as a premier grand cru classe following its production of excellent wine over history.

Consisting of 15 hectares, it mainly has Merlot, including Cabernet Franc and red as well. Vineyards surrounding the hill of Mondot have some sort of terroir that adds a new dimension.

Winemaking at Château Pavie-Macquin is done carefully to ensure high quality and traditional standards. The sorting is done visually on grapes, and the maceration period takes between 30-35 days. It matures in oak before it is bottled, leading to a full-bodied, thick textural wine that has the ability to age.

In summary, Château Macquin Winery has a glorious history marked by changes in ownership and a commitment to sustainable viticulture. Its vineyards, covering 15 hectares, are emblematic of the winery's dedication to eco-friendly practices and the production of exceptional wines.

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