Chateau Mont-Redon

Chateau Mont-Redon

About Chateau Mont-Redon

Chateau Mont-Redon is a renowned French winery that serves as the largest producer of wine in the village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The estate possesses a considerable measure of land, more so than any other of the region’s wineries. The extent of Chateau Mont-Redon’s property can get associated with its long-standing history. It dates back to 1344. It makes the winery one of the oldest in the region. 

Located in the southern part of the Rhône Valley, Chateau Mont-Redon initially went by the name Mourredon. In the 1920s, the vineyards of the estate experienced a significant expansion. Henri Plantin pieced together several parcels one by one to do so. It is his family and descendants that run and manage the winery to this day. 

In recent times, Chateau Mont-Redon has 186 hectares of land. A hundred hectares of it get assigned and dedicated to planting grapevines and harvesting the matured grapes. The winery works with several varieties of red grapes, including Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. They make up approximately 80% of the total plantings. On the other hand, the white variants consist of Marsanne, Roussanne, and Viognier. The vineyards of Chateau Mont-Redon have stony, rocky, limestone, and red clay soils that support the growth of all these types of grapevines. Additionally, the climatic conditions of the region promote and enhance the growth and development of the grapevines. 

During harvest season, Chateau Mont-Redon prefers picking its grapes by hand. It allows them to determine the quality of each fruit and remove the substandard ones. The harvested large, juicy, and plump grapes permit the winery to create wines that carry excellence, balance, and perfection with them. They bring with them and deliver a harmonious yet subtle relationship between the drink and the drinker. Overall, the wine blends reflect and express their terroirs of origin.

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