Château Moulin Riche

Château Moulin Riche

About Château Moulin Riche

The Moulin Riche Wine Estate is located in the appellation of Saint Julien. Though there is no clear information about the owner or its history, its origin date back to many hundreds of years ago. It was ins 1920 that this estate was acquired by one of the richest and reputed wine-families in the Bordeaux regions, the Cuvelier family. At the time of this deal, the Cuvelier Family already had a 100-year old history to boast of. Therefore, many people started taking noticing of the highly fertile Moulin Riche estate after this deal.

It is only recently that the Chateau Moulin Riche is being bottled and released into the market with its own brand. Until 2009, the wine produced under this label was only considered as the secondary wine of the Chateau Leoville Poyferre. Today, the Moulin Riche wine is clearly distinct from the rest because it is produced from grapes grown in its own selected plots located on the Left Bank.

The vineyards are spread across 20 hectares, out of which more than 50% is filled with Cabernet Sauvignon vines. The remaining small plots are filled with some Merlot and Petit Verdot vines. Sometimes, based on the ripeness, flavour and intensity, some of these grapes are also used for the wines created under the Leoville Poyferre wines. The gravel and limestone-rich soils found in the Left Bank region are highly suitable for these varietals.

Excellent care is taken right from the vines to the bottling stages to ensure that the quality of the fruit is not compromised in any process. Temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks are used for vinification processes. The time-consuming malolactic fermentation of the grapes happens in vats, before they are aged for about 18 to 20 months in French oak barrels. This ageing helps the wine to rest well before they are finally released in the market.

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