Chateau Musar

Chateau Musar

About Chateau Musar

The Lebanon-based family winery, Chateau Musar was established in 1930. Gaston Hochar set up this winery at a place called Ghazir, located within a short distance from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut. The wines from this label are made from high-quality Musar grapes that are cultivated on the 1000-feet tall vines cultivated on Beqaa Valley.

The winemaking process at the Chateau Musar winery is filled with culture and tradition, because some of the vines in the Beqaa Valley have been in existence for over 6000 years now! The vineyards are located at a strategic location where they not only enjoy the benefits of their high altitudes, but also get to enjoy the fruits of the fertile calcareous, gravel and stone soils on which they are grown.

The seasonal temperatures of this place help in the long and natural ripening of the grapes. As a result, the winemakers follow the technique of minimal or no intervention right from the time of cultivation till the time the wines are bottled.

Located towards the southern part of Beqaa Valley, the red vines enjoy the diverse soil types (ranging from gravel to limestone). As a result, the fruits produced here are full of character and intensity. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan varietals are used for making red wines under this label. 

At a whopping 1500m above sea level, you will notice the white vines of Obaideh and Merwah, the indigenous white grape varietals of this region. The cool climate and the mountain slopes of this area make these white grape varietals absolutely unique from what you would find in other regions.

During 2006, the Chateau Musar Winery became the first winery in Lebanon to start organic viticultural techniques, non-interventionalist and biodynamic winemaking principles to craft organic wines. Thus, it inspired many other winemakers in its home country to follow suit.

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