Chateau Ollieux Romanis

Chateau Ollieux Romanis

About Chateau Ollieux Romanis

The French wine estate of Chateau Ollieux Romanis is considered to be one of the oldest in the world. Its history dates back to over a thousand years ago, during the role of the Romans. Today, the estate is located right in the centre of the Pinada Massif, in Corbieres. It is located right on the road that connects Abbeys of Fontfroide with Lagrasse. Thousands of years ago, this place was an important source of drinking water. The water sources can be seen even today, which is why the temperatures can be naturally controlled in the cellars. By the 18th century, this place started to become a wine-growing region of predominance in France.

In the year 1872, the ownership of this estate was split into two. While the Huc Family took control of Chateau Oilleux Romanis, the Lignon family took control of the Chateau Les Ollieux. Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, the winemaking team at this estate makes the most of the sea and mountain to create full-bodied and elegant wines. The soul of the estate lies in its terroirs. 

You will find unique and diverse soil qualities here, and the history of the terroirs dates back to over a million years ago. While on one side you will notice sedimentary soil qualities, on the other side, you will soils rich in limestone, sandstone and molasses deposits.  This region of Languedoc is known for its mineralogical diversity, which gives rise to respectful and elegant wines.

Some of the popular wines of this estate are:

Classic Red – Made from a blend of Syrah and Carignan, this wine is made from grapes grown on soils that are rich in limestone, sandstone and pebbles. This Cuvee wine is crafted from plots that are aged between 10 and 60 years.

Classic White – Made from 30% Roussanne, 30% Marsanne, 20% Grenache Blanc and 20% Macabeu, this wine is macerated for about 6 hours with the skins on the fruits. 

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