Chateau Pesquié

Chateau Pesquié

About Chateau Pesquié

Chateau Pesquié is a family adventure started by René and Odette Bastide back in the early 1970s. The couple renovated the estate and its property and worked tirelessly to structure and establish the vineyard. It was due to their immense effort and dedication that they could bring their production. Now, it is at an exceedingly high level and standard of quality. 

René and Odette Bastide moved to the wine appellation of Mont Ventoux made in 1973 to begin their venture of Chateau Pesquié. The couple was among the first people to put their belief in the high potential of the area. They realised that the grapevines grown there could emphasise the excellence and superiority of the produced wines. 

In the mid-eighties, the son-in-law and daughter of René and Odette Bastide, Paul and Edith Chaudière, respectively, took over the operations and management of the winery. They decided to leave the cooperative and create the cellar of Chateau Pesquié. After the two set everything up, they produced their first wines in the magnificent year of 1990. The son of Edith and Paul, Frédéric and Alexandre, have taken over the family business’ reins since 2003. They work with the same motivation and desire as their predecessors of offering the best expression and taste of the Ventoux terroir.  

The estate of Chateau Pesquié lies in the southeastern region of the Rhône Valley at the base of Mont Ventoux. The vineyards of the winery remain situated between the Mediterranean and the Alps. They enjoy the excellent microclimate of the area with a perfect balance and influence of the altitude, winds, and temperature. They provide suitable and desirable finesse to the produced wines. Additionally, the workers of the vineyards practice an organic system of viticulture. They do so to ensure that they do not harm nature.

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