Château Plaisance

Château Plaisance

About Château Plaisance

Situated at the middle of the appellation of Saint Emilion, Château Plaisance is a well-known French winery established in 1886. The estate housing the property showcases a building constructed with the classic and conventional architecture style of France. Its form is native to the region. 

The workers and staff at Château Plaisance believe that the work done in the vineyards is of the highest significance. The land owned by the winery for the plantation and cultivation of the grapevines extends to be around 19 hectares. They have three varieties of grapevines, namely Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. The plants grow in the unique and distinct soil of gravel and sand. It allows for the required drainage that benefits the growth and development of the grapevines. The vineyards enjoy a moderate continental climate with refreshing winds, adequate sunshine, and a favourable quantity of rainfall. The amalgamation of all these features enhances the quality of the grapes. It also improves the flavour and aroma of the wines. 

Château Plaisance works by following the principle of focusing on the steps and methods of viticulture to get the best possible results. It stands true for the quality of the produced wines and the management of the winery. 

Château Plaisance combines the best elements of traditions and customs of ancient times with the advantageous advents of technology. The winery aims to create a modern cellar to store the barrels in a seamless and flawless condition. They also wish to operate with the best machinery. Nevertheless, they implement a traditional style and system of harvesting the ripe grapes and picking them by hand. 

Overall, the winemaking process followed by Château Plaisance is long and arduous. Nonetheless, with the produced wines being of the highest quality, the ultimate results come out to be rewarding.

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