Château Preuillac

Château Preuillac

About Château Preuillac

The “Knight of the Field,” a title conferred by the agricultural sector of France, was a well-deserved claim for Edmond Addé. Edmond is better known as the person who succeeded in the ownership of Château Preuillac in 1869. He worked on a colossal selection and varieties of premium grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat, and Semillon. He also perfected the development of the winery’s vineyards. With his effort and unceasing passion, Château Preuillac secured different and distinct reputable awards and medals.

In 1975, Raymond Bouët took over the 30 hectares property of the estate of Château Preuillac. He initiated a significant overhaul of the vineyards owned by the estate. Raymond did so in addition to the construction of a cellar underground and an operating winery. 

The underground cellar became a unique structure in the Médoc appellation. The renovations that followed gave a boost to Château Preuillac, allowing it to excel and shine as it progressed towards its goal.

The vineyards of Château Preuillac experience a moderate climate with refreshing ocean winds, making it a suitable location to grow grapevines. Since the 16th century, the Médoc has served as one of the principal appellations in the Bordeaux’s left bank. The land enjoys an alluvial type of soil with a unique composition consisting primarily of clay, gravel, and sand. The high quantity of gravel allows for a satisfactory level or degree of drainage, providing the grapevines with a healthy growth environment. In addition to these factors, the vineyards enjoy a desirable and adequate exposure to sunlight. It offers ideal conditions for the ripening of grapes. 

Château Preuillac has been at the forefront of wine production in France for a duration greater than 200 years.  It excels in earning frequent praises and reputation from even the harshest wine critics all across the globe.

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