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Chateau Siaurac

About Chateau Siaurac

Siaurac's wine making history dates to the 18th century, according to the accounting documents. Pierre Brisson purchased the estate in 1832. Benjamin Brisson, who had inherited it, passed it on to his only child, Joseph Brisson. He served as Néac's mayor and town councillor before being chosen in 1902 to represent the Gironde area in parliament. He oversaw the Siaurac estates and devoted 5 decades of his life to promoting the value of Néac wines. Oliver, his grandson, received the property and vines in 1978. Oliver also played a key role in founding the Baillis de Lalande, a community that first gathered in Siaurac in 1985. Paul and Aline Goldschmidt from 2004 are responsible for looking after the land.

Close to the junction of the two rivers, the estate is shielded on its southwest side by the hill at Fronsac. Due to the Atlantic Ocean's influence, it enjoys favourable weather, with bright, warm, dry summers and mild autumns that allow the grapes to mature just so. The soil was created during the Tertiary Period from alluvial deposits that were laid down during the formation of the Pyrenees and the Massif Central. The 40 different sand and deep clay plots at the Chateau Siaurac are worked in accordance with their unique qualities. As a result, more mixing possibilities are available, maximising vintage variance. The vineyard is planted with a variety of wine grapes, although more than half of the area is devoted to merlot.

Although Château Siaurac has long been recognised as a model of "sustainable agriculture," the estate stopped using chemical weedkillers entirely in 2015, indicating a substantial shift towards greener procedures. Today's tillage practices, such as using sown or natural cover crops like grains and ploughing between and under grape rows, are customised to each plot as well as different conditions. The estate will be designated organic in 2020 according to a conversion plan towards organic viticulture and green practices that have been set up. Their dedication to organic farming and the use of biodynamic methods is a component of the international strategy for sustainable development.

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