Chateau Thivin

Chateau Thivin

About Chateau Thivin

The history of the French family-owned wine estate of Chateau Thivin dates back to 1877. Zacharie and Marguerite Geoffray purchased this estate and the 2-hectares of vineyard in the nearby Le Clos estate during this year. Today, the fifth and sixth-generation Geoffray family members manage the estate. While the winemaking practices followed represent the estate's rich legacy, you can also see some new viticultural practices introduced here by the younger generation members.

Chateau Thivin are known for their characteristic elegance and richness. The main reason for the high quality of these wines is the beautiful terroirs of vineyards. Three beautiful parcels of the vineyards define the end quality of the vineyards. While Mont Brouilly is known for its blue rock soils and volcanic terroirs, this region's southern area is dominated by granite soils. When you move towards Theize, you can notice the clayey limestone soils in abundance.

Chateua Thivin is the oldest castle on Mont Brouilly. You might be surprised to know that the cellar's foundation was first laid here in 1383. The grapes keep passing to different levels with the help of natural gravity. No harvest pumps or conveyors are used here. As a result the juice that is extracted retains the true character, colour and elegance of the fruits. These blue-stoned cellars have unique temperature-control settings, and the wines are aged here in suitable casks, before they are transferred to bottles.

The vines are planted majorly on the estate located on the steep hills of Mont Brouilly and in the Cote-de-Brouilly region, which is blessed with rich, volcanic terroirs. However, some vines are also planted on small parcels located in the region around Quincie, Beaujolais Blancs and Golden Stone. Today, Chateau Thivin wines are popular in many countries, as they have the symbolic elegance and richness that can be found only in authentic French wines.

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