Chateau Tour de Capet

Chateau Tour de Capet

About Chateau Tour de Capet

Saint Emilion winegrowers have always strived for excellence, and that is why they adopted the most sustainable development goals. They work responsibly for environmental preservation and to guarantee the quality of the wine they deal with. Saint Emilion winegrowers aim to lay a strong foundation for the years to come. That is why they work at combining societal, environmental, and business goals as a guiding principle. Chateau tour de capet is one of the brands they handle. 

Saint Emilion wine council is always committed to industry professionals and works to help them implement virtuous initiatives. They also work to ensure that they get the most efficient tools, which include support from the wine council, arranging meetings to help with environmental certifications and information sheets regarding every certification. While winegrowers can use different approaches to tend to their vines and make wine in the most environmentally friendly manner, the main goal is to ensure the estates are sustainable. It is also important to care for the terroir. Accountability to society, the environment, and heritage are of utmost importance. 

Saint Emilion embraces rational wine-growing techniques, and they are some of the best in the management of estates to accentuate wine-growing methods that positively impact and maintain profitability. With a monitoring system, such as Terrace thresholds and forecasts, they can assess harmful pests and diseases. Chateau tour de capet happens to be saint Emilion grand cru. It is located south of saint Emilion and near saint Hippolut. The land covered with vines is 10 hectares, and it is in such a good position with southerly exposure. This is why grapes make wine that is fully flavoured and with unique value. Both wines are made within the same cellar by the same team. Antoine Moueix Prorietes runs the property, and he has a great experience. Tour de capet has a unique terroir which gives it character. The soil is sandy and silty, and the best wines are produced here. 

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