Château Tournefeuille

Château Tournefeuille

About Château Tournefeuille

The story of the region of Château Tournefeuille begins in the middle ages. The Celts moved to the area and started to farm in the appellation. However, the name Tournefeuille did not come up till 1783. It appeared in the renowned accurate cartography of Guyenne that the historian Belleyme carried out. It got done under King Louis XV’s orders. The name highlighted the existence and presence of a farm and grapevines in the region’s slopes. It implied that the vineyards of Tournefeuille dated back to the time when the winemaking business and industry experienced something akin to a renaissance. 

The term Tournefeuille means leaf-turn. It originated from the windy location high up on the hillside, offering a beneficial exposure to wind. The name gets used by the locals and even tourists even today. 

In 1850, Victor Tastet acquired the property and constructed a winemaking estate. The structure’s design got based on the archetypal style of château bordelais. The house combined various facilities necessary for winemaking and the natural qualities of the terroir to produce high-quality wines. In 1874, an industrialist from Charente named Camille Decout acquired Château Tournefeuille. He continued to build the winery’s fame and won several awards. Additionally, he managed to increase the cultivation area belonging to Château Tournefeuille. However, the war outbreak in 1914 compelled Camille to put down several of his plans. 

In 1939, the Sautarel family of the Corrèze region set up their business at Château Tournefeuille. In the next 59 years, Léon Sautarel and Jacques and André, his two sons, modernised the systems and facilities of the winery. They mechanised the processes, constructed a cellar, and expanded the vineyards. In 1998, the Sautarel brothers handed over the ownership of Château Tournefeuille to the Cambier and Petit families. They have managed the winery ever since.

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