Chateau Villefranche

Chateau Villefranche

About Chateau Villefranche

Chateau Villefranche is a renowned winery located in the commune of Sauternes in the famous wine region of Bordeaux of France. Today, the authorities and people have recognised it as one of the wine estates with the oldest and most notable histories. It stands true among all the other wineries of the region. 

Chateau Villefranche has remained with the Guinabert family as a legacy and business for over six generations. They have been the owners of the wine estate since the middle years of the XVII century. 

The estate of Chateau Villefranche lies in proximity to the Ciron stream. Its plots extend and expand over to the Haut-Barsac plateau. It allows the winery and its vineyards to enjoy the blessings and benefits of the argilo-calcareous soil types that the region predominately has. The loam is highly nutritious and makes for a suitable element for growing high-quality grapes. 

Chateau Villefranche primarily produces white wine. For this, they use the region’s three most significant grape varieties. Their application comes in their winemaking process. It consists of Muscadelle, Semillon, and Sauvignon. All the wines produced by the wine are delicate and come with notes and traces of nutmeg and vanilla. They deliver a sense of elegance with a rich character and personality. 

Chateau Villefranche aims to create white wines that combine refinement and sophistication with nervousness and apprehension. They work to do so in an elusive and subtle balance. This nature of their white wines has allowed for an increase in the fame of their red wines. It has been so since the winery’s establishment. It leaves the drinkers with a favourable impression and a pleasing experience. Overall, the success of the wines can get owed to the supple, juicy, and aromatic qualities of the grapes harvested on the vineyards of Chateau Villefranche.

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