Ciro Picariello

Ciro Picariello

About Ciro Picariello

The story and history of Ciro Picariello go back to the 90s. It begins with the venture and project of the winery’s founder of the same name. During the establishment of the wine estate, Ciro worked as a full-time surveyor. He started producing wines using the plot of land that his wife, Rita, inherited and received from her father. The grapevine plantation and wine production in the property led to the establishment of Ciro Picariello in 1997. However, the winery produced and manufactured its first vintage in 2004 under the Ciro Picariello label. 

The vineyards owned by Ciro Picariello remains spread across 12 hectares of land. They remain located at a considerably high elevation and altitude in the Campania province. It allows for the introduction and effects of beneficial components of the region’s microclimate into the terroir. For that reason, the wines produced by the winery are of the highest quality and standard. In addition to that, the silty clay soil of volcanic origin plays a significant role. 

Ciro Picariello harvests the grapes for its renowned Fiano wines in late October. It provides a significantly long maturation time for the grapes. In turn, the fruits develop a sweet taste and aroma and have a plump structure. On top of that, the grapes become highly juicy. These factors help develop and produce the wines that have made a name for Ciro Picariello. 

Ciro Picariello tends to the vines planted in the vineyards using organic and biodynamic methods and practices. They limit their use of sulphur and copper for treatment purposes. The winery does so to ensure that they preserve the natural qualities of the land. In addition to that, Ciro Picariello prefers minimal interference and intervention in all their processes. It allows the wines to retain the expressions of the terroir.

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