Clau de Nell

Clau de Nell

About Clau de Nell

The Clau de Nell wine estate is a rich and authentic French brand that is known for the history attached to it. Anne-Claude Leflaive, her husband Christian Jacques and soil microbiologists, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, set up a company called CLAC in 2006. Their company aimed to ensure that the French biodynamic winegrowers earned a name for themselves in the international arena. 

In 2006, Claude and Christian met the Clau de Nell estate owners, located in the Ambillou Chateau region in the prestigious Loire region of France. The clay, flint and tufa soils of this region have vines that have an average age of 60 years. Here, 8 hectares were planted with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grolleau vines. The couple came to help the estate in 2008 when the owners of the place were left with no option but to file for bankruptcy. 

Slowly, but steadily, Claude and Christian changed the fortunes of this estate. In the next few years, the estate witnessed the planting of Chenin and Grolleau vines totaling 3.5 hectares.  The Loire Valley, one of the premium wine-producing regions, is the 3rd biggest in the country. The entire vineyard of the region stretches for 1000km, and the area stretches from the Atlantique Coast to Auvergne.

The Clau de Nell estate is located exactly between Angers and Saumur. The highest altitude of the vineyard is 101m above sea level. Out of the entire area, Chenin varietals are planted on 4.5 hectares, Grolleau on 2 hectares, Cabernet Franc on 4.5 hectares and Cabernet Sauvignon on 1 hectare. Some wines of this region are:

IGP Grolleau – This is a juicy and intense red wine, which is full of freshness.

AOC Cabernet Franc – Known to be an elegant wine, this one is known for its balanced character.

AOC Violette – Made from a blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is complex and slightly spicy.

IGP Chenin – This is a promising wine, known for its fresh fruity and floral scents.

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