Clavis Orea

Clavis Orea

About Clavis Orea

Clavis Orea is a renowned winery based in France. It operates with the brand logo of a golden key that also depicts the meaning of the winery’s name. The symbol represents the meaning behind Clavis Orea’s hospitable and welcoming nature in the wine industry. In addition, it signifies the hard work, effort, and passion of the winery into producing high-quality wines. 

The founders of Clavis Orea come from a restaurateur family. For that reason, the winery works and operates to reflect their dedication and services through their wines. In addition, they wish to satisfy each of their customers to their best capability. 

Franck Jugelmann, the production manager of Clavis Orea, and Lahcene Boutouba, the sales manager, had remained invested in the hospitality business since a young age. They fell in love with all aspects of wines very soon. The two met while they were working for renowned Chateaux in the commune of Saint-Émilion. 

Franck Jugelmann had taught himself about the processes involved in winemaking owing to his interest in the topic. He gained experience for over two decades by working as an assistant in the cellars of a few Left Bank Chateaux. After that, he served as the cellar master at Saint-Émilion’s Château Fonplegade. Today, Franck works as a wine consultant in various places. He does so at Clavis Orea, along with his primary job. 

Lahcene Boutouba began his career as a sommelier at The Ritz Hotel in Paris. After that, he moved to Deutz Winery in California, Grp Thienot Champagnes-Bordeaux in London, and other different companies. Finally, he became involved and invested in creating Clavis Orea and its famous wine, the Clavis Orea Saint-Émilion Grand Cru. It is a refined drink with a respectable pedigree and quality. It delivers a sense of balance with a spicy yet fruit-driven taste.

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