Cleto Chiarli

Cleto Chiarli

About Cleto Chiarli

Good wine requires the best quality grapes. It takes passion, family identity, and commitment to thrive in the wine industry. The history started in 1860. Cleto Chiarli had great plans, and much progress was made between 1860 and 1900. He was producing his in-house wines, and they had become quite popular with his diners. The success prompted Chiarli to move from catering and become a wine producer full-time. 

His wines gained great popularity and stood out from many others in the beginning years of sparkling wines made in Italy. The winery got rewarded for its efforts during the universal exhibition and got a prestigious prize. 

Cleto Chiarli grew incredibly between 1900-1945. The company achieved commercial expansion all through because of its ability to refine and innovate the production techniques. This was further aided by transport development and an increase in the middle class who were appreciating better and more modern sparkling wines. During this time, Cleto’s son Anselmo had the mantle, and the production was very high. During this era, the wine was fermented in bottles and processes were handled by hand. This time, the company started exporting wines to south America, united states, Germany, France, and England. Chiarli was hit during World War II bringing the business to a halt only to resume in 1946.

Between 1945 and 1970, there were a lot of innovations under the guidance of Anselmo’s sons. They brought a revolutionary change in production. Fermentation tanks were installed and the Charmat method was applied to get aromatic and harmonious wines. The new processes of fermentation were controlled allowing more styles and types that could suit different consumers and newer generations.

Between 1970 -2000, the fourth generation took over and a lot of changes were made to produce modern wine as well. The company was reorganised with focus on the family farms and vineyard relocation to areas where production would be best. The production of the winery was expanded which doubled the capacity. 

Today Cleto Chiarli strives to reach great perfection and it has potential in the extraordinary gapes. The fifth generation is already involved in the business ready to handle challenges.

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