Constantia Glen

Constantia Glen

About Constantia Glen

The origin of Constantia Glen dates back to 1685. It got established when Simon van der Stel made his first wine on his farm named Constantia. Lying in the valley of the same name, the wine estate is one of the most reputable ones in South Africa. The Constantia farm remained a possession of its founder, Simon, for as long as he was alive. After he passed away in 1712, the property got split into three parts. In recent times, they go by the name of Klein Constantia, Buitenverwachting, and Groot Constantia. 

Initially, the 60-hectare land known as Constantia Glen today was arduous to farm. Evidence suggests that it was most probably used merely for grazing for about the first century of its existence. In 1813, records of its first registration to the farm’s original proprietor, Johannes Gregorius van Helsdingen, came up. He was also the first to plant grapevines on the soil of the property. Johannes Frederick, Johannes’ nephew, inherited the land by 1832. By then, it was a productive parcel with about 15,000 vines. 

In 1843, the farm changed owners to Sebastiaan Valentyn van Reenen, the grandson of a renowned VOC merchant from Dutch, Cloete. He changed the name to Glen Alpine. Under Sebastiaan’s management, the land emerged as a famous wine estate. The following hundred years or so, the farm came under several individuals with various purposes.

The farm’s current name, Constantia Glen, was not before 2005. The rapid change of possessors makes it evident that it is laborious to grow grapevines on these lands. Nevertheless, the rewards have not failed to impress the Waibel family. They have persevered on these parcels for a long time, almost since 1960. Their dedication has managed to bring them success and the ability to produce wines of the highest standard.

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