About Coriole

Hugh and Molly Lloyd founded cariole back in 1967. The first wine here was released two years later, in 1969. The Lloyd family still owns the estate, which is managed by the third and second generations. 

Coriole is located in the McLaren vale region on the undulating hills, which is within the sea sight. It is only one hour from Adelaide. The farmhouses date to 1860, and are still the garden and cellar epicentre. The first original vineyards date back to 1919. 

The major variety on the estate is shiraz, it is the traditional McLaren vale that goes back about 150 years. Coriole is a big name in Australia and pioneers Italian and Sangiovese varieties since 1985. Coriole is one of the most beautiful spots in Australia. It looks south towards McLaren vale vineyards, Fleurieu bight, and Willunga range. On the estate there are lots of shiraz vines, some of which are the region's oldest. 

Coriole has been dedicated to finding some of the most exciting and new varieties for Australia, and that is how the Sangiovese vineyard was planted back in 1985. In 2010 and 2001, Piquepoul and Ffiano vineyards were planted, respectively. These three varieties were pioneered by Coriole in Australia. 

There have been vines in the McLaren Vale region since 1838. Because of these long active years, the different wine companies in the region have formed and supportive and very close community that works with marketing and cooperative wine projects together. This has contributed greatly to the way the region is. With a long history, the first vines to be planted in the Coriole site date to 1973. 

Coriole Australia started with 12 acres under vines that had been planted after world war I in 1919. Hugh and Molly took over Coriole as the sole owners in 1969 when the first Coriole wine was released. Today, the Lloyd family still develops and manages the estate. 

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