About Creation

It was in the year 2002 that expert winemakers, Jean-Claude, and Carolyn Martin decided to set up a winery in a remote area in the Walker Bay Wine Region of South Africa. Though not much known about these 40 hectares of land before, it was Jean and Carolyn’s conviction that made them realise the wine-making potential of the spot that they had discovered. Since both their families were involved in winemaking, Jean and Carolyn were quite knowledgeable about this process, which gave them the confidence to set up their winery here.

The vines selected by this winery are located at the height of about 350m above sea level. The soil is rich in clay and loam, whereas the temperature is always hovering around a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. The steep hills found along the Babylon Toren Mountain also add to the beautiful climate in the vines. All of these together result in producing grapes that are of premium quality.

It is also one of the most sustainable wineries in South Africa, and it is a member of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative Organisation. The winery is very particular about protecting the environment’s natural resources to the maximum possible extent. The modern and highly efficient cellars were set up in this winery during 2007. Jean & Carolyn wanted to ensure that their winery boasted of world-class infrastructure. The barrels and storage equipment were imported from as far as Germany, France and Switzerland.

The huge stainless steel tanks come with automatic temperature controls and they extract the complete flavour of the premium grapes that are fermented in them. You will notice huge, 225-litre barriers made from French oak, in these cellars. These huge barrels are used for maturing red wine. Some of the famous collections of wines here are Art of Creation, Creation Reserve, Creation Estate, Whale Pod and Methode Cap Classique.

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