Cruse Wine Co.

Cruse Wine Co.

About Cruse Wine Co.

The Cruse Wine Co. is a small yet renowned winery located in Petaluma city in California. The wine estate served as an opportunity for its founder and owner, Michael, to demonstrate and showcase satisfying wines. He strived to display fruit-driven drinks that could become pleasurable yet balanced to all the drinkers. 

The vineyards of Cruse Wine Co. remain located along the North Coast of California. It can get owed to Michael’s love and respect for the place. For that reason, he focused on the terroirs and sites within Sonoma County and Napa Valley. It allowed him to create and produce his special and unique wines. Michael did not want to follow the mainstream style and develop another Cabernet or Pinot Noir Wine. That is why he went with and found inspiration in other grape varieties such as St Laurent, Carignan, and Valdiguie. 

Cruse Wine Co. operates under the flagship of the red blend Monkey Jacket. The name comes from an old sailor song prevalent in Britain. The wines produced by the winery embody its various elements and aspects. It represents the blend of the different and distinct grape varieties. They come along with mixed field red blends. It allows them to provide a sense and feeling of exceptional drinkability. It delivers sufficient structure and brightness. On top of that, Cruse Wine Co. manages several small single vineyard lots. These plots remain dedicated to plating grapevines such as Carignan, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Valdiguie. 

Cruse Wine Co. lets the images on their table do all the talking and expressing. For that reason, they leave the text out. The combination of paints inspired by graffiti and classical elements take on the conventional wines in a rebellious way. Thus, it resonates with the people who wish to step away from the traditional and typical.

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