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Darling Cellars

About Darling Cellars

Darling Cellars Winery, South Africa, which is found within its Western Cape province, can claim a historical past. Sir Charles Darling set it up back in 1899, and soon it became famous as one of those wineries that were producing some of the best wines in the whole region. He called it after himself, Sir Charles Darling, and any true wine lover would attest that every bottle bore his heart.

However, during these transitions, there has been a consistency in determination to make wines that match international standards.

The Cloete family bought the winery in 2003. It has since maintained its history and age-old values. Darling Cellars winery, under their leadership, has constantly been making impressive wines that are celebrated not only in South Africa but beyond its borders as well.

This revered institution is now known as much for its dedication to sustainability as it is for wine. Darling Cellars Winery makes mouth-watering varietals highlighting the distinctive terroir of this area in the Western Cape of South Africa. Truly, it is an excellent gem in the country's wine industry.

The management of Darling Cellars Winery considers environmental protection a priority. Its goal is not to leave any pollution footprints in nature. Using a mixture of modern technology supported by old-fashioned agriculture, they grow their grapes in an environmentally friendly way for superior wines.

The winery is located in the Darling area with 350 hectares of microclimate and terroir specifications. As for their grape varietals, they include sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, shiraz, and pinotage. They use organic pest control methods that include owl boxes, thus avoiding using chemicals to keep off the pests in their vineyards.

To sum up, Darling has a history dating back to 1899 of producing award-winning wines. However, their commitment to practices and green techniques not only promotes the protection of the environment but also enables them to produce high-quality wines all through.

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