About Davenport

Davenport, the authentic and organic English wine brand was started by Will Davenport in 1991, when he set up a small 5-acre vineyard in the Horsmonden area in Kent.  Little did he realise that his small vineyard would grow to over 24 acres and become capable of producing close to 9 grape varietals, within three decades!

Thanks to his passion for organic farming, Will ensured that his winemaking process and the wines he crafted under the Davenport Label were all certified as organic by the Soil Association of the UK.  Davenport wines are created in the Rotherfield Winery located in East Sussex. The winery itself is built in an eco-friendly pattern to make the entire process as natural as possible.

Different plots of lands are chosen for cultivating vines, and this was done to make the best use of the climate and soil quality of these regions to grow unique quality of grapes. Cane-pruned vines are cultivated organically and they pass all the standards mentioned by the Soil Association. Currently, the fruits for the wine are sourced from these places:

Lewes Health Vines - Established in 1991, this clayey soil region is apt for cultivating grape varietals such as Bacchus, Faber, Siegerrebe and Ortega.

Limney Vineyards - Sent up in 1993, the sandy loam soil over a covering of sandstone is great for growing the Pinot Noir and Auxerrois varietals.

Diamond Fields - One of the newest vineyards to be set up in 2000, this vineyard contains sandy clay soil and is suitable for cultivating Pinot Noir varietals.

2007 Vineyards - Named after the year it was set up, this vineyard contains sandy silt soil over sandstone. The climate and soil quality of this vineyard make it perfect for growing varietals such as Pinot Meunier, Ortega, Bacchus, Chardonnay and Siegerrebe.

Redmoors - Set up in 2016, the Redmoors vineyard, with its sandy silt soil is great for growing Pinot Noir.

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