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David & Nadia

About David & Nadia

The venture and establishment of David & Nadia began with the love and marriage between David and Nadia Sadie. Born and raised in Swartland, David studied oenology and viticulture. He did so at the University of Stellenbosch. It was during his time here that he met Nadia and fell in love with her. She was already a qualified viticulturist and soil scientist by then. The couple tied a permanent connection between them through matrimony in 2009 and started their unique Swartland label. 

David and Nadia produced their first wine in 2010. In 2013, David resigned from his previous job and began to focus on their winery. In 2016, Nadia joined him in the operations and management of David & Nadia permanently. Since its establishment, the winery has managed to gain significant reputation and fame worldwide. They are famous for producing exceptionally high-quality varietal vintages. They also distribute the sought-after blends of Elpidios and Aristargos. All the wines that David & Nadia make serve to represent their terroir, vineyards, soil and the people and workers of the region. In other words, the winery and its products represent a steady and slow romance about the land that transformed into an authentic and real-life love story. Even to this day, it continues to inspire and motivate their craft. 

David & Nadia believes that wine is entirely about its purity, freshness, and natural balance that it maintains with the environment. They deem it the primary factor that can ensure that the quality of the vineyards and soil get rightfully expressed into the drinks. For that reason, the winery focuses on the different types and kinds of soil. They also assess the mountain terrain and climatic conditions with scrutiny. Overall, they ensure minimal intervention and interference of the workers in the vineyards and the cellar.

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