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De Bortoli

About De Bortoli

The history of De Bortoli tells the story of the triumph and determination of the De Bortoli family. It started almost 90 years ago when Europe was in a war-torn situation. 

The venture of De Bortoli started in 1924 when the founder of the winery, Vittorio De Bortoli, moved from the mountain villages located near the Northern Italian Alps’ town of Asolo. He shifted to Melbourne with nothing more than a few shillings and clothes. After that, he took a train to Griffith to find work in New South Wales. Vittorio carried an immense love for wine and a dream to make his name in the industry. His exceptional hard work and tireless efforts allowed him to buy a 55-acre land Bilbul. 

It was in 1928 when Vittorio made his first wine on his own. He prepared them using the grapes harvested from his farm and shared them with his friends and family. Several Italian immigrants who have moved from the northern part of New South Wales and Queensland enjoy his wines immensely. They convinced him to send a few products to the north. This situation led to the flourishment of the business, setting it off as one of the best. 

In 1952, the son of Vittorio, Deen, began to take part in the family business. He continued his father’s aspiration and dream of making wine that can become a credible name and a part of everyday life in each household. Today’s Deen’s four children manage De Bortoli and run the winery’s distinct aspects. Darren remains heavily involved in the winemaking process, and Kevin serves as the viticulturist. On the other hand, Leanne handles all operations related to the Yarra Valley, and Victor is the Executive Director. The siblings work closely and harmoniously, contributing to the winery’s growth and outreach.

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