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About De Trafford

The De Trafford family winery was established in 1992. Wine architect David Trafford and his wife, Rita, founded this small wine company with an objective to specialise in producing the highest quality of red wines. This winery is located in the scenic Upper Blaauwklippen Road, at the backdrop of the beautiful Stellenbosch Mountains in South Africa.

The signature wine made here is the red wine. The reason why it is authentic and flavourful is the because of the time, care and effort that the founders invest in growing, ripening and harvesting of the grape fruits. Only the choicest of grapes are handpicked and sent to the winery for further processing. Chemical-free indigenous yeasts are introduced in the pre-fermentation and post-fermentation processes to make the wines extremely flavourful. They are then stored in French Oak Barrels, where they undergo malolactic fermentation, which gives the wines a smooth and thick texture. These wines are stored in underground cellars for about 18 to 22 months.

Apart from red wines, De Trafford also makes white wine from the highest quality of Chenin Blanc grapes. Indigenous yeasts are used for fermenting these wines and they are exposed to a traditional basket-press method here. The wine is matured for up to 6 months in oak casks, before they are sent for bottling.

De Trafford Winery also makes exclusive straw wine - the first of its kind in the entire country of South Africa. Here Chenin Blanc grapes are laid out for drying on straws or racks. During this process, the fruit flavours and natural sugars become more concentrated. So, the resultant wine contains a rich acidic texture and intense sweet taste, due to which, it makes for a perfect dessert wine.

Apart from having their own vineyards, De Trafford also partners with the local farmers to use their vineyards to grow very high-quality grapes such as the Cabernet Sauvignon.

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