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Della Vite

About Della Vite

The Prosecco of Della Vite is the first venture undertaken jointly by Cara, Poppy, and Chloe Delevinge in their chase for excellence. The wine aims to deliver an ecstasy similar to the multiple joyful and blissful experiences shared between the sisters. 

The journey of Della Vite began when the three sisters decided to bring together esteemed names in the winemaking industry. They did so, intending to create their unique brand to deliver the untold story of wines to the people. Today, the wines produced by Della Vite get labelled using the personalised logo made by Poppy Delevinge that depicts their brand signature.

Della Vite combines the latest technological advancements with the traditional Italian winemaking style. Their culmination produces wines of enhanced quality that remain rooted in sustainable viticulture practices. The winery and vineyards owned by Della Vite operate on energy driven from natural solar power. They avoid the use of chemical ingredients and farming machinery. In addition to that, they use a ceramic system to filter the wine over animal products, making the drinks completely vegan. 

Each wine of Della Vite delivers a rare combination of lightness and sophistication in the parameters of elegance, character, aroma, and mouthfeel. With a complex and distinct flavour profile, the drinks bring with them a delicate nature in taste and colour. 

Della Vite aims to rekindle the love for wine that people all across the globe have lost over the years. It wishes to provide a suitable solution that leads to a rise in the search and demand for quality wine among novices and connoisseurs alike. Bringing distinctiveness and creativity to the forefront, the winery strives to reignite the world’s love and respect for prosecco. Overall, Della Vite wants all drinkers to look at the misunderstood traditional wine with a new and fresh perspective.

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