About DeMorgenzon

The renowned South African winery, DeMorgenzon lies in the Stellenboschkloof Valley. It also gets called “the morning sun” because it is the first section of the region that sees the morning sun. It can get owed to the height at which the winery lies and a few other aspects. 

Originally, DeMorgenzon was a part of South Africa’s oldest farms known as Uiterwyk.  In 2003, Hylton and Wendy Appelbaum purchased the winery. Since then, they put an enormous amount of work behind the estate and its land, turning it into a 91-hectare land and garden vineyard. During their reconstruction and renovation of the plot, they implemented the use of historical data and satellites. In addition, they analysed and examined the region’s climate and all the physical factors that can affect the growth and development of the grapevines. The winery further requested a detailed analysis of the soil, topography, and conditions.

Such extensive assessment and examination of the state and quality of the weather and soil of the region allowed DeMorgenzon to determine the best locations and conditions to grow grapevines and produce wines. It also gave them an idea of how the vines should get planted. They understood the spacing required between each row and the direction the plants should face. A combined influence of all the efforts that the winery put behind their vineyards established harmony between them and the sun, terroir, and other elements. 

The soil of the vineyards owned by DeMorgenzon is primarily of the well-drained Tukula and Oakleaf types. Both of them get formed from a granite base. The region also receives the perfect amount of rainfall and sunshine. The excellent balance of the climatic and weather conditions allows the grapes to become exceedingly juicy, aromatic, and flavourful by the time they become ready to get harvested.

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