Descendientes de J. Palacios

Descendientes de J. Palacios

About Descendientes de J. Palacios

In the Bierzo area of northwest Spain, Descendientes de J. Palacios is a popular manufacturer of red wines made from the Mencia grape. Their history starts when a close-knit family moved to a new town in Bierzo, they decided to start a wine-making family business. Alvaro Palacios and his nephew Ricardo Perez Palacios together started this winery in 1998. Their business has given Bierzo new found importance as well as recognition on both national and international scale. The name itself translates to "Descendants of J. Palacios" in English, which was given to this vineyard in honour of the father of Alvaro Palacios, who is the grandfather of Ricardo Palacios. 

The Menca grape variety which is native to that place is grown on 27 hectares of this winery's own old grapevines. Bierzo being a hilly area, the vines always were grown on steep slopes. Besides that, the Continental climate, which is experienced by these vineyards, and influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, causes the grapes to have a rich and smooth taste. Even though the annual rainfall is comparatively low and does not cross 600 ml, the Clayey soil found, which is rich in quartz, holds the water providing enough moisture for these vines. These vineyards are dispersed among 200 separate pieces of ground in the many Bierzo communities present like of Valtuille, Parandones, and Villafranca, etc. The winemaking process and techniques they undertake give it the finish it needs, making it one of the best ones to buy.

Practicing environmentally friendly viticulture is a challenge that this winery accomplishes. In order to produce delicious and pure grapes, Alvaro and Ricardo grow their grapevines entirely organically using biodynamic techniques. To embrace the idea of sustainability, they refrain from using chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides and try to adopt green practices. The wines produced in this Bierzo region's beautiful and mountainous terrain are of a very high calibre and are genuine representations of the grapes used to make them. Palacios has even been awarded Robert parker's green emblem for its outstanding efforts toward long-term environmental protection and biodiversity.

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