About Devaux

Champagne Devaux is a wine brand that was established in the year 1846 by the brothers, Jules and Augustus Devaux. After their deaths, the women in the Devaux family took over and did a wonderful job of managing the winery, the family estate and the vineyards until the 1980s. The last member of the Devaux family, Jean-Pol Auguste Devaux didn’t have an heir, to whom he could leave the rich legacy of this estate. So, he chose Laurent Gillet, an experienced wine enthusiast and President of the Union Aubiose, to take the Devaux legacy forward. A few months back, Pascal Dubois succeeded Laurent Gillet.

The family of Devaux knew that to create good champagne, it was very important to choose the right place with the right terroir and soil quality to plant vines. One of the most famous vineyards of Devaux is the Cotes des Bar. This place is considered to bring out the flavours of the red Pinot Noir like no other place in the world.

Located towards the sought of the appellation of Champagne, these vineyards are nestled between the rivers of Seine and Aube. The rolling soils and the diverse climatic conditions of this place are ideal for growing Pinot Noir, which is the main varietal used for producing Champagne. Apart from this, this place is also ideal for growing the white varietal of Chardonnay.

Every single wine that is processed at the winery here is according to the principles mentioned in the Devaux Champagne Commitment Book. For many centuries, the winemakers have not deviated from these rules, because they protect the rights of more than 100 winegrowers.  Thanks to this commitment, the Devaux champagnes are not just full of flavours, but replete with character and balance as well. Since many years, this family has vowed to make champagnes that people enjoy, regardless of the season and occasion.

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