Devil's Corner

Devil's Corner

About Devil's Corner

Devil’s Corner is named after the treacherous bend in the waters. The wines created here are bold and fearless. The company is in Tasmania where an adventurous spirit exists without fighting the elements. This is an area where you must learn to work with nature for the best results. Because of the weather, the results are bolder, brighter and fresher. The east coast sea breeze, the water, and the soil make this one of the most outstanding wine making regions. 

Devil’s Corner is an icon in Tasmania and has taken its place in wine production. It is a good destination for those seeking an adventure and good wine. Devil’s Corner embraces sustainable wine growing. Among the initiatives that they take part in is the SWA program that focuses on disease and pest management, soil health, water minimisation, and biodiversity. This has led to the creation of a framework of some of the greatest practices in the world across all the critical areas. The company aims at gaining recognition as a sustainable producer. 

The other notable thing about the company is how they combine grapevines and grazing. Here, there are 8000 sheep that are aimed to help the viticulture team to handle weed management. The sheep are natural fertilisers and lawn mowers. This is a holistic farming approach that helps in making even better wine. It is also better for the community and the environment as well. 

One of the most important parts of the business is sustainability. Devil's Corner feels responsible for the wine industry's future and how Tasmania will be affected in general. Devil's Corner has been committed to protecting natural resources as reflected in the wine quality made. The company commits to improving the sustainability credentials in the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the business.

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