Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon

About Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is a prestige vintage Champagne brand produced by a Champagne house that goes by the name of Moët & Chandon. The drink serves as a prestige beverage of the house. The Champagne has gotten named after a pioneer for Champagne wine, Dom Perignon.

Dom Perignon was a cellar master and monk at Hautvillers’ Benedictine abbey. He was renowned for creating and initiating several unique and distinct techniques and methods of winemaking around 1670. He became the first person to blend and mix grapes in a new way that improves the overall quality of the wine, balancing one component or element with the other. The drinks he created dealt with and eliminated most imperfections that the previously created wines had. It makes the taste and flavour of the beverages better. Dom Perignon perfected the art of developing flavourful and delectable white wines from ripe black grapes by cleverly manipulating the presses. 

Dom Perignon developed new ways to enhance the tendency and affinity of Champagne wines in retaining and holding the natural sugar of the grapes. It allows the wines to induce their secondary fermentation process naturally in the spring season. However, the creation and production of sparkling wines as Champagne’ primary production style came into the picture in the 19th century, almost a century after the death of Dom Perignon. 

The first of Dom Perignon’s vintage got created in 1921, with its release in 1936. Typically, the Champagne wine is a blend or combination of two varieties or types of grapes, namely Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The sole difference between each vintage lies in the slightly altered compositions employed in the winemaking process. Dom Perignon does not make use of Pinot Meunier in the production of their wines. It is unlike the general methods followed by other Champagne winemakers

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