Domaine Albert Morot

Domaine Albert Morot

About Domaine Albert Morot

The history of Domaine Albert Morot dates back to as early as the 19th century. It was in the year 1820, Philibert Jacques Angelique Morot started selling wines from his vineyard. He was later joined by his sons, who were based in Rouen and Beaune, respectively, in his winemaking business. Till about 1940, the winery was doing a flourishing business.

Between 1940 and 1976, the winery went through a difficult patch. It was during this time that the chateau was being sold to the Germans. By 1952, when Guy Choppin took over the control of the Domaine, and the sales started to shoot up slowly. By the 1980s, the reconstruction process started here, and the winery has become what it is today.

Here, the two Burgundy grape varietals that are used are the red varietal of Pinot Noir and the white varietal of Chardonnay. The highlight of this vineyard is that the team practices green harvesting methods. The leaves go through a thinning process in the month of July to induce natural ripening and concentration in the grapes.

Hand-harvesting is followed at all times, and a dedicated team of 40 people is in charge of this. All these grapes undergo a dual sorting process – once in the vineyard and once more in the winery. This ensures that only healthy grapes are sent for processing. The vinification process, too, is quite detailed and traditional.

De-stemming of the grapes in open vats, maceration for about 4 to 7 days and using local yeasts for fermentation are some processed followed for red varietals. The ageing of red varietals happens in French oak barrels. The white varietals are de-stemmed carefully before they undergo a delicate pressing process. Oak barrels are used for the fermentation of these whites. Both the reds and whites are then bottled directly in the cellar itself, under a waning moon for best flavours.

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