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Domaine Anderson

About Domaine Anderson

Located in Anderson Valley in Northern California, Domaine Anderson is a notable winery famous in The United States of America. Established by the patriarch and head of the Louis Roederer family, Jean-Claude Rouzaud, in 1981, it started its story with the cultivation of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties. 

The winery enjoys an ideal microclimate with warm days with cold and foggy nights. Domaine Anderson owns 50 acres of vineyards owned by the Roederer family. They remain spread across the diverse terroir of the Anderson Valley and get dedicated to the plantation of the two grape varieties with which the winery began. 

The newly set-up Dach Vineyard of Domaine Anderson employs a biodynamic and organic cultivation system. The staff at the plot aim to create a balanced and varied ecosystem that can conserve nature. Additionally, they strive to provide habitat to beneficial insects such as bees, ladybugs, beetles, and birds like hummingbirds. In turn, it helps them control the pests affecting the grapevines. Instead, it facilitates pollination. The winery uses natural compost to enhance the qualities of their plants and fruits and restore the soil. 

Overall, Domaine Anderson remains committed to sustainable methods and practices in their vineyards. They toil to preserve the characteristics and health of the land to allow future generations to receive its blessings. On top of that, the irrigation style gets adjusted depending on the location and type of soil. The winery has various designs that work to minimise the impact caused on the wildlife and nearby streams. 

Today, Domaine Anderson gets supervised and overseen by Frederic, Jean-Claude’s son. Since taking over, he has carried on the beliefs and practices implemented by his father. For this reason, the management practices at the vineyards and winery focus on achieving the best possible quality even to this day.

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