Domaine André Neveu

Domaine André Neveu

About Domaine André Neveu

Domaine Andre Neveu is a classic, family-owned winery located in the wine-rich AOC Sancerre area of France. The Neveu family has had a rich experience of winemaking for many centuries in the Chavignol vineyards. Today, the younger generation members of the Neveu family are now in control of the 13 hectares of vines that are used for creating some exquisite red, white and rose’ wines.

These vineyards are known for their diverse soil qualities. Silex, limestone, pebble and limestone-clay are the most commonly found soil types here. While the silex soils help to create aromatic wines, the limestone soils are known for producing full-bodied fruits. The pebble-rich soils help in creating elegant wines, while the limestone-clay soils help in creating wines with a great structure and those that are great for a long period of ageing.

The Sancerre wines made under the label of Domaine Andre Neveu are famous across the globe today, as they speak volumes about the rich terroirs of France. Sauvignon Blanc is used for creating the white wines while Pinot Noir is used for creating the reds and rose’ wines. Initially, the Neveu family was famous for its Crotin de Chavignol, which is aged goat’s cheese that is eaten along with a glass of classic Sancerre wine!

Today, some of the popular wines that are crafted here are:

Sancerre Blanc – Made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes cultivated on different regions on diverse soil types across the Chavignon Village

Sancerre Rose’ – Extremely fruity and fresh wine made from Pinot Noir; temperature-regulated tanks are used for processing these grapes to make it a perfect summer wine

Sancerre Rouge – Known for the dominant aroma of the bright red Pinot Noir grapes, this wine is quite light on the tongue; proves to be a great combination for the classic French cheese

Thanks to the authenticity and aroma of these wines, they are exported to different countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, the USA, Japan and more.

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