Domaine Ballot-Millot

Domaine Ballot-Millot

About Domaine Ballot-Millot

The story of Domaine Ballot-Millot begins in 2001 under the ownership and leadership of Charles Ballot. Charles was a dedicated and motivated young vigneron. He took over and started managing his father’s business in 2001. It was a notable domaine of Meursault in France that had remained over several years and amassed quite a few vineyards since the late years of the 17th century. 

Charles wished to make a name for himself using the winery. He did so by implementing natural farming techniques and processes and adding a sorting table in the parcels. Additionally, he reduced the overall yields of the vineyards, concentrating on the quality of the wines produced by Domaine Ballot-Millot. On top of that, Charles prevented and avoided chemicals and synthetic treatments in the lands or cellar. Instead, he preferred a more natural approach to winemaking with minimal human interference. 

Today, Domaine Ballot-Millot owns 10 hectares of land that serve as vineyards. Seven of them lie in Meursault proper. All the holdings of the winery are reputable and of the highest standard. The harvest of the matured grapes gets done entirely by hand. On the other hand, the fermentation process utilizes indigenous yeasts. All other activities in the cellar get done with the aim and intention of encouraging quality and finesse over elements of sheer power. There is no compromise on the excellence and eminence of any procedures and processes in the winery. 

The wines produced by Domaine Ballot-Millot are racy and tensile. They have traces of gracefulness and elegance in them. It stands true compared to the honeyed and fatter wines. They originated from and dominated the area approximately 20 to 30 years ago. The superior quality of the matured grapes and produced wines can get owed to the exceptional nature and characteristics of the terroir.

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