Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet

Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet

About Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet

Domaine Berthaut Gerbet is a family winery that spans seven generations. The story of domaine Berthaut began in the 18th century. It was started by Francois Berthaut’s father, who owned many hectares of vines. Starting from 1845 to 1920, Firmin Berthaut and Bernard Berthaut took over. Bernard died early and was actively involved from 1879-1913. Jeanne, his wife, managed the estate until Guy, their son, came to age. 

In 1930, Guy took charge of the estate. At this time, wines were sold wholesale. After the war, Guy started marketing the wines in bottles. He also expanded the property by purchasing a house at 18 rue Noisot and a rental of sharecropping plots within Gervey Chambertin, specifically at Gervey Chambertin premier cru and appellation Gervey Chambertin. 

The United States export market was developed in the 60s. In 1972, Denis and Vincent took over the estate from Guy Berthaut. In their career, the two oenologists expanded their estate and bought vines within Fixin premier cru appellations and Fixin village. A new cellar was constructed in 2005. This was named route eds grands crews, and it was used for wine ageing. 

Denis Berthaut’s daughter Amelia settled on the farm in 2013 after completing her oenology and agricultural engineering studies in Bordeaux. This was when Domaine Berthaut Gerbet was conceived. It combined domaine Berthaut vines and some vines from Domaine Gerbet. 

Amelie’s husband, Nicolas Faure, joined the estate in 2017 and became the cultivation manager. He had acquired skills in JL chave Domaine de la Romane Conti. Today, the estate stands on 18 hectares. It is on Fixin and Gervey Chambertin, flagey Eschezeaux, and Vosne Romanee. The wine produced is 90 percent red. 

Vine cultivation is done with environmental respect, and the organic tendency is embraced. The wines are then aged and vinified in a manner that is non-interventionist. Vinification takes 3-5 days before indigenous yeast fermentation is initiated in whole clusters, barrels, or concrete tanks. The barrels used are 0-50 per cent new oak. Berthaut has received much attention, and even greater things have been achieved with the expansion. 

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