Domaine Berthoumieu

Domaine Berthoumieu

About Domaine Berthoumieu

The history and origin of Domaine Berthoumieu go back to as late as the 1850s. The winery was established in Viella town in the department of Gers by Virgile Dutour. After that time, its story was primarily uneventful. Several generations later, Didier Barré and Marie-Line took over Domaine Berthoumieu, around the 1990s. Since then, the winery has been one of the most renowned in France. 

Didier Barré and Marie-Line put in immense efforts and hard work behind Domaine Berthoumieu. They did so to make it a notable and undisputed name in the appellations of Pacherenc du Vic-Bilha and Madiran. The winery uses these two terroirs of its origin even to this day and vinifies under them. The former remains dedicated to the production of their white wines. On the other hand, the latter appellation gets used for the red wines. 

Domaine Berthoumieu owns 25 hectares of vineyards that receive the benefits and blessings of the region. They experience a warm and humid microclimate of oceanic origin. Furthermore, the plots get an adequate quantity of precipitation. It promotes and facilitates the development and quality of the planted grapevines. The grapes harvested from such vines have the ability and capability to produce ambitious wines. The drinks deliver a unique yet desirable union of balance, personality, and identity.  

The vineyards owned by Domaine Berthoumieu have a level 3 certification in High Environmental Value. It implies and guarantees that the parcels respect and sustain the elements and aspects of biodiversity. In addition, the agricultural practices, methods, and techniques impart minimal pressure and damage to the environment. It includes soil, climate, air, landscapes, water, etc. 

The two sisters, Marion and Claire Bortolussi, manage Domaine Berthoumieu today. They unite with a shared passion and continue the work and legacy that began over 150 years ago.

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