Domaine Billaud-Simon

Domaine Billaud-Simon

About Domaine Billaud-Simon

The Domaine Billaud Simon wines are known for their unique character and minerality. Why are they very different from the other wines? It is because of the terroirs of the beautiful Chablis region in France, where the vines are cultivated. The vines are grown in exceptional lots cultivated in the unique domaines found here.

The Kimmeridgian terroir, located in the heart of the Chablis region, is filled with ancient elements such as marine sediments, shells and algae. When compared to the other wine-growing areas in the world, this area is very different because it is rich in iodine content. This is evident in the taste and flavour of the Chardonnay grapes grown here. It is believed that the geological richness of this place dates back to as early as 155 million years ago.

The Chablis Signature is that part of the vineyards where the Domaine Billaud Simon wine group has been associated with it since 1815. There are close to 17 hectares of vineyards here, and in most of them, the Chardonnay white wine varietals are planted.

The vines here are planted within a distance of 2km from each other. You can find them on both the sides of the Serein River. There are 4 Grand Crus and 4 Premier Crus Vineyards in the vine parcels of Domaine Billaud Simon. The 4 Grand Crus include Les Clos, Vaudesir, Les Preuses and Les Blanchot. Montee de Tonnerre, Fourchaume, Monte de Milieu and Les Vaillons are part of the 4 Premier Crus Vineyards.

The wines at Domaine Billaud Simon are known for their exotic aromas, intense minerality and several spicy notes. At the winery, the grapes that are carefully picked undergo various stages such as pruning, disbudding and tillage. Before the grapes enter the winery, they are manually selected and gently pressed to retain the full flavours and character of the fruit.

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