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About Domaine Breton

The Loire Valley-based Domaine Breton wine brand is a family-owned label that has been run by five generations of the Breton family. The history of Catherine and Pierre Breton’s historic vineyards dates back to 1886; however, it was during 1985 that the first Cuvee was vinified by Pierre.

The family vineyards of Domaine Breton are spread across the fertile and diverse Loire Valley, where you can find different soil types such as alluvial, clayey, limestone, flint clay, siliceous clay and so on. The three main regions where the vineyards can be found are Bourgueil, Vouvray and Chinon.

Bourgueil – In this vineyard, you will find at least three different soil types such as Galuches (ancient alluvial soil), siliceous clay and clay-limestone. Encompassing the communes of Bourgueil, Benais and Restigne, these vineyards are blessed with the natural climatic conditions that favour the cultivation of the Cabernet Franc mono varietal.

Vouvray – Spread across the communes of Vernou-sur-Brenne, Chancay and Noizay, the vineyards around the Vouvray region are rich in flint clay, which make it favourable to cultivate the Chenin Blanc varietal here.

Chinon – In these vineyards, you will notice that Cabernet Franc is the majorly cultivated varietal. Located towards the south of the Loire Valley close to Vienne, these clay-limestone rich vineyards can be found in the Beaumont-en-Veron town.

At Domaine Breton, only 100% natural wines made from pure grapes are created. For the fermentation process, the team ensures that only indigenous yeasts that are found naturally in the grape skins are used for fermentation processes. In short, right from vineyard to bottle, the winemaking process stays true to its minimal intervention policy and follows only sustainable techniques. This is to ensure that the wines that are ultimately created are symbolic representations of the uniqueness of their respective terroirs and passion of the winemakers.

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